Light Brand Uncovered

Light is much more than many of us can imagine. Let us explain the most critical parts of our DNA.

1Quantum Dots

The quantum dots refers to our community and signify the fact that we are specialist in different categories, but still are strong together.


Transparency is crucial in an industry where the “information asymmetry” is so high. Light is the energy source that increases transparency in the insurance industry.

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The visible spectrum contains colors the human brain and eye can’t perceive. Light knows what you can’t see in the insurance industry.


At Light we are a beacon for our clients, as we know that the hidden language used by the insurance industry can be confusing.

5Asset Light

Adopting the vision of Asset Light confer flexibility, create competitive advantage and leads to lower costs.

We support our customers anytime and anywhere.

Amsterdam Olympic Stadium

+31 20 305 36 40

  • Olympisch Stadion 12
    1076 DE Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
  • Mailbox 75944
    1070 AX Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

Rotterdam World Trade Center

+31 10 269 13 90

  • Beursplein 37
    3011 AA Rotterdam
    The Netherlands
  • Mailbox 30134
    3001 DC Rotterdam
    The Netherlands

Eindhoven Flight Forum

+31 40 265 77 48

  • Flight Forum 569
    5657 DR Eindhoven
    The Netherlands
  • Mailbox 2296
    5600 CG Eindhoven
    The Netherlands

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